How to use the tutorials:

  1. You can download this archive, containing all the tutorials. If you choose this option, you will find a seperate folder for each tutorial in the archive.
  2. For those tutorials, that consist only of one single input file, you will find the download link below. Change the extension of the file after downloading from “.txt” to “.hid”.

After downloading the examples, start HOTINT and open the tutorial with “Open MBS”.

Double pendulum

Description: A simple example for HOTINT beginners: The dynamic simulation of a double pendulum.
Keywords: rigid bodies, gravity, spherical joint, point mass

Download example: double_pendulum.txt

Balancing cart

This example is described in more detail with several controller realisation on this page.
Description: In this example a PD controller is tested in a dynamic simulation. An inverse pendulum is mounted on a cart. The angle of the pendulum and the position of the cart are measured. These values are used by a controller to stabilize the pendulum by adjusting a force acting on the cart. The dynamic simulation shows the response of the mechatronic system to a disturbance.
Keywords: inverse pendulum, prismatic joint, gravity, control, mechatronic simulation

balancing_cartDownload example: balancing_cart.txt

Laval rotor

Description: This rotordynamics example simulates the run up of a rotor though the first eigenfrequency of the system.
Keywords: rigid body, rotor dynamics, bearing stiffness, excentricity, acceleration, moment, load geometry, compute inertia


Flexible linear Robot

Description: In this example a full mechatronic system is simulated. The beams of the robot are modeled flexible in order to obtain the vibrations arising when the robot follows a predefined path. The flexible multibody system consists of 10 bodies and 21 constraints.
Keywords: rigid bodies, linear beams, prismatic joint, rigid joint, control


3 degree of freedom robot

Description: This example simulates the vibrations occurring in the bearings of a 3DOF robot, when the robot follows a predefined path.
Keywords: rigid bodies, revolute joint, control, gravity, bearing stiffness


ANCFBeam3DTorsion large deformation

Description: This example shows the usage of beam elements suitable for large deformations. For detailed information about the theory behind the used formulation of these beams see Publications.
Keywords: beam, large deformation

ANCFBeam3DTorsion_large_deformationDownload example: ANCFBeam3DTorsion_large_deformation.txt

Campbell Diagram

Description: The Campbell diagram of a simple rotor geometry is calculated.
Keywords: Campbell diagram, beams

campbell diagram of simple rotor
Download example: campbell.txt

Two mass oscillator

Description: In this example parameter variation is used to determine the first resonance frequency of the damped multibody system through dynamic simulation.
Keywords: parameter variation, dynamic simulation, point mass, spring damper, sinusoidal driving force

parameter variation on the example of a driven two mass oscillator
Download example: two_mass_oscillator.txt

In the following Youtube tutorial the creation of this model is explained:

In this Youtube tutorial the parameter variation feature is used to get the first resonance frequency of the system:


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